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    If students are unable to access or utilize our online course materials, we want to help.  Chandler Online Academy provides students and parents with access to technology support beyond regular business hours and on the weekends.  Before contacting our Technology Support Staff, take a look at the list of solutions to common problems below to see if you can figure it out on your own and get right back to learning! 

    • Check to be sure you are connected to the internet.  If you are using a wireless internet connection, make sure the setting to allow a wireless connection is on and your computer is connected.  If you cannot connect to the internet, contact your internet service provider for help.
    • After ensuring you are connected to the internet, click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to check your browser settingsSystem Requirements & Diagnostic
    • Log out, shut down, and restart your computer.  This simple solution often solves problems by re-booting your system.
    • Try a different browser.  Sometimes the browser is not or cannot be configured correctly on the type of system being used. Frequently, using a different browser is a solution that works if a student is not able to access an image or page in an online course. Try the most recent version of one of the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari. If it doesn’t work immediately, be sure to use the System Requirements & Diagnostic tool for the new browser you are using to be sure it is configured correctly. If you have to change any settings on the browser to configure it, be sure to shut down and restart your computer to activate the settings you have changed.
    After you have tried these common fixes and checked your system requirements and are still having trouble, please contact us for help: contactCOA@cusd80.com 


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