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    Q:  Who can enroll in Chandler Online Academy? 
    A:  Any junior high or high school student with a primary residence in Arizona can enroll in Chandler Online Academy as a part-time, tuition payer, or full-time student.  Students who are enrolled in a full schedule of classes at another school and only want to take one or two online courses from home or repeat courses for a better grade can enroll as Tuition Payer Students.  Students who would like to take less than a full schedule of classes at their in-person brick & mortar school and some online with COA must first obtain approval from a school official (counselor, administrator) and then complete the "Part-Time" application on the Enroll Now page.  Students who wish to take all of their courses online from home can enroll in the Full-Time Program.  Visit the Programs section or our FAQ Section for more information or go to  Enroll Now to complete the appropriate online enrollment form for either Part-time, Tuition Payer or Full-time enrollment.
    Q:  Can I enroll my home-schooled student in the Full-Time Program with Chandler Online Academy.    
    A:  Enrolling a home-schooled high school student in our full-time e-learning program is a great way to ensure that your student is receiving a comprehensive high school education that is aligned to Arizona and and National Common Core Standards.  It is also a good way to make highly qualified and experienced teachers who specialize in the subjects they teach available to your student so you don't have to specialize in every subject.  However, your student cannot be simultaneously registered with AZDE as a home-schooled student and enrolled in a public school.  Before enrolling a home-schooled student as a full-time online student with COA, it is necessary to notify the Arizona Dept. of Education of the change in home-schooling status. 

    Q:  How much does it cost to take an online class with Chandler Online Academy? 
    A:  Tuition-Payer students who are enrolled in a full schedule of courses (6 half credit classes per semester, 6 credits per year) at another school pay a tuition of $160.00 for each 1/2 credit online course.  There is no tuition fee for Full-Time or Part-Time students for up to 6 classes per semester.  Attendance is required to be reported daily on the student infinite campus portal for all students.  This attendance report is submitted to the Arizona Department of Education for funding and to verify the student's enrollment status.
    Q:  How do I pay for a class?
    A:  Payment is made online as part of the online enrollment application for Tuition-Payer students.  After completing the enrollment application in the "Enroll Now" section of our website, the payment will be made through your parent Infinite Campus portal. 
    Q:  Are there refunds if a student doesn't finish a class by the course end-date? 
    A:  There are no refunds after the third day following the course start-date.   

    *Additional information on attendance can be found on the Attendance & Progress Requirements page
    Q:  Can I work at my own pace? 
    A:  Yes and no.  Students have 18 weeks from the course start-date to finish all 1/2 credit courses.  In order to help students stay on pace to finish all coursework before the end of the 18 weeks, there are due dates for all assignments and exams.  Students are required to turn in work on or before the due date for each assignment/assessment, but are able to log in any time of day or night, any day of the week, in order to review and practice lessons, and submit assignments and exams.  Students can work ahead of schedule and they can work more quickly through lessons that are easier for them and spend extra time on material that is more challenging.
    Q:  Do I have to log in every day? 
    A:  Students need to log in to each class a minimum of 5 days a week in order to stay on top of all work that is due and to maintain enrollment in the program.  These 5 days can be any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.  
    Q:  Does my teacher take attendance? 
    A:  COA teachers and administration monitor how frequently students log in to classes and how much time they are logged in to their courses to help students stay on track and to stay in compliance with state laws (we are required to withdraw any full-time student who does not log in for 10 or more consecutive days).  However, attendance needs to be submitted for ALL students and needs to be reported each week through the student portal.  Student reporting of attendance is required to maintain program enrollment.
    Q:  How much time will I need to spend working on my online class/es? 
    A:  Each class is designed to take students a minimum of 75 hours to complete.  

    *Testing information is on the Testing page under Academics
    Q:  Do I have to take a final exam?
    A:  Yes.  Chandler Online Academy proctors the final exams for our online students.  This means students schedule a day and time to take the exam.  Scheduling the proctored exam is done within the course when all coursework has been completed.  Students need to bring a photo ID to check in.


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