2021-22 Welcome to Chandler Online Academy!


    July 21, 2021


    Hello Chandler Online Academy Families,

    My name is Jarrett Pack and I am the proud Director of Chandler Online Academy. Our staff is so excited for the start of the 2021-22 school year as we celebrate 10 years of providing Excellence Online! We hope that you have enjoyed your summer break and were able to spend special time and make many memories with family and loved ones.  This year will bring many new and exciting changes as we continue our dedication to provide Arizona students the opportunity to engage in their learning anytime and anywhere.

    Chandler Online Academy is continuing to see tremendous growth as the word is being spread that we are a valued and respected option for Chandler Unified students, as well as students across the entire great state of Arizona!  With this growth, we have made improvements to our school to help our students experience success in the online education world.

    • We have a growing full-time staff that is prepared to support the day-to-day interactions with our online students. We want to make sure all students are being served and given every opportunity to be successful as they engage with their requirements to be a Chandler Online Academy student. Here is a highlight of our amazing team:

     ♦ We have almost 50 dedicated online teachers who are looking forward to live engagement with your child each day. They are all highly-qualified and experienced in building  meaningful academic relationships with virtual learners!

     ♦ Our counseling department is growing and we are hoping to have 3 full-time counselors as soon as possible. Right now, Mrs. Denae Gleason and Mrs. Karen McCarthy are ready to provide your family with all the support you need as it relates to course scheduling, promotion of student health and wellness, and preparing for future academic/vocational success.

     ♦ We now have 4 Online Student Success Mentors (OSSMs) and they are just that, AWESOME! These individuals are prepared to connect with all of the students in their alpha groups and assist with any questions, concerns, or celebrations regarding Chandler Online Academy. They want to know the struggles that an individual is facing, but also the triumphs and accomplishments that need to be celebrated! At least one of our dedicated full-time teachers will be on campus at all times to assist students with BUZZ navigation/accessibility, to provide tutoring by appointment, and supervise student work space when they want to get out of the house and come work in a comfortable education environment.

     ♦ As our families have grown accustomed to, we have 3 office staff members who are providing world-class customer service to everyone who calls or stops into our front office. During different times throughout the year, this can be a busy task by itself, but we are grateful for our families who understand and are patient as we meet the needs of everyone.

     ♦ Our administration team, including Assistant Principal Nick Narducci, is working daily to make sure the needs of all students are being met and that our school continues to be recognized as a premier online learning community that springboards our students to participate in any post-secondary option that they desire, including attending any prestigious college/university in the country. 

    • Our students are going to be given the opportunity to participate in more live, student-to-teacher and student-to-student interactions than ever before. Our teachers are preparing to provide students with regular opportunities to interact with one another in a virtual environment, including the introduction of student clubs/activities. More information regarding club participation will be provided soon. Continuing from last year, we will have a Live Lab schedule that allows students to receive live instructional support Monday - Friday without an appointment required.  

    • In an effort to meet the needs of our students across the district, we will be working with CUSD comprehensive high schools to provide space for our students to take in-person final exams at a location that is closer to their home. All of our courses have an end-date of December 10, so final exams won’t be taken for quite some time, but this connection will benefit our students to attend a location that is closer to them in proximity.

    Our motto this year is -Whatever it Takes. We know that CUSD families have chosen to enroll with us having many educational options available to them. We take pride in everything that we do and want to continue to build trust with our families that we will do “Whatever it Takes” to ensure our students are receiving a world class education. With this responsibility, we know that support from home is required for students to experience maximum success and we look forward to strengthening this relationship. Students, I hope your experience this year is enjoyable and your educational success is a reflection of the hard work you have dedicated to your online courses!  Go Hornets!




    Mr. Jarrett Pack, M.Ed

    Chandler Online Academy Director