• All Chandler Online Academy students will use the following to access your online course(s):


    Google Email/Buzz Login Directions: 2022-2023 Student Passwords


    All CUSD Student passwords (both Active Directory/Microsoft and Google) were reset by the I.T. Department mid-July.  Students and parents received notification the week prior.


    Grades 7-12

    Pattern: first initial + last initial + birthdate (MMDDYY format) [flmmddyy]

    Example:  Sophomore Ani Smith whose birthday is October 3, 2007, will have their password reset to: as100307

                       7th-12th grade students will be forced to change their password when logging in to Google and Microsoft for the first time. 


    1. Students must change their Google password by logging in to their Google account (accounts.google.com) with their reset password [flmmddyy] on any device, at school or at home

    ·      Username for Google is s+id@gse.cusd80.com – example s123456@gse.cusd80.com

    ·      Enter reset password: flmmddyy   (Student will then be forced to change their password)


    1. Students must change their Microsoft* password by either:

    ·        Logging on to a CUSD Windows device with their reset password [flmmddyy], or

    ·        Logging in to the Microsoft portal (myaccount.microsoft.com) with their reset password [flmmddyy] on any device at school or at home.


    All grade 7-12 students must change their Microsoft* password before *Infinite Campus can be accessed.


    If you are having trouble with your password reset, please contact the password coordinator at your home school for assistance.



    **Once logged into your district email account you will then click on the 9 dots in upper right corner and open the google apps. Scroll down until you see the app that says Buzz COA or your home school site.

    If you are already logged into a Google email account, you must logout of that account before establishing this new account. Chandler Online Academy students are required to check their email accounts frequently throughout the day, as teacher and administrators will be sending important course information that students will need to know. Please help us by encouraging your student to establish a routine of checking their school email multiple times per day as they are enrolled in online courses. 

    ***Please note: Student Google accounts (GSE) are for educational purposes only and students should not be saving personal/inappropriate content on this account.***