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    Welcome Parents and Students to Chandler Online Academy! I am excited to be your teacher and am looking forward to working with and getting to know each of you throughout the school year.

    Just a few suggestions for success with your online classes:
    You have access to your classes 24 hours a day, which means that you may work at your own pace, including weekends and breaks. There are due dates for all of your assignments to guide you and keep you on track, but you may work ahead.

    Students should treat this like in-person school and set a schedule to work on classes to keep them on track. Remember that if you were in person, you would be in the classroom learning and practicing a concept for approximately 45 minutes. At the beginning of each module in your online course is a Checklist that outlines a suggested timeline for each lesson. You can monitor your activity by viewing the Activity Log tab in your grade book.

    There are multiple ways for you to receive Live help from your teachers to include scheduling a one-on-one appointment with your teacher, joining one of many daily Live Lab opportunities, or joining one of the many after school hour tutoring sessions. These opportunities are outlined in your Welcome folder “Important Course Information” document.

    You have multiple supports in the event you find yourself struggling to include your teachers, your assigned Success Mentor, your assigned Counselor, Tech Support, and/or Administration.

    You should check your gmail messages on a regular basis for information from teachers and other administrative staff. You should also make sure to read feedback that is sent to you from your teachers on your graded assignments.

    STUDENTS: Reach out to your available supports as soon as you begin struggling! Take advantage of opportunities to “redo” assignments you’ve failed before moving on to the next assignment. Failing an assignment is a sign that you are not ready to move on.

    PARENTS: You can monitor your child’s success by accessing the Parent Buzz Observer Account. Below is a link to the document outlining the procedures for using this account.

    I have been with CUSD for 25 years and can honestly say that this is the best group of teaching professionals I have worked with and we are all here to ensure your success!

    My Education and Professional Background

    Educational Background

    I earned my Bachelor's degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from Arizona State University in May of 1999 and my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Arizona University in 2005. I also completed a Master's degree in School Counseling in 2010 from Grand Canyon University. I have 25 years of teaching experience at a variety of levels all with the Chandler Unified School District.


    Professional Background

    I was hired by the Chandler Unified School District in 1999 upon receiving my Bachelor's in Education. I taught high school math at both Hamilton High School and Basha High School for 9 years. I subsequently transferred to the Junior High School level where I taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Gifted courses. This school year is my 2nd year with Chandler Online Academy.

    My Educational Philosophy

    Educational Philosophy
    I am very passionate about my job and dedicated to helping my students realize their capabilities in math! I believe effective teaching is an interactive, collaborative process in which students and teachers work together to examine and re-create knowledge. Both bring their own experiences and perspectives to the teaching-learning process. I hope to create in my students the desire to learn and to grow; to challenge their own way of thinking and to spark their innate curiosities - the curiosity to investigate further, explore, and understand at a deeper conceptual level.

    As a teacher, I think it's important to help students realize that it's not only o.k. to be wrong, but that it's important to the learning process. It is only from this state, sometimes, that one really knows what it is they need to know, what it is that they don't already know, and that deeper, long-term learning is achieved. Making mistakes and Perseverance are key to the learning process! We all grow from our experiences and mistakes. However, learning from your mistakes does not happen automatically, it requires thinking and reflection (taken from a quote by Oscar Auliq-Ice).

    It is my intention to create an environment where students feel safe and comfortable enough to try, to make mistakes, to ask questions, and to grow from their mistakes.

    "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."
    ~Fred DeVito