• Safe and Appropriate Internet Usage

    Researching online materials, website and resources as part of learning and taking online courses is an excellent way for students to develop effective Internet navigation skills and access a wide variety of sources and perspectives.  Our e-Learning Classrooms are located on a secure server host.  This means once students have logged in to our online platform and courses, they will only come into contact with teachers and other students in a safe and monitored environment. 
    Within our courses students will have access to links that will take them to outside websites that will expand on the material that is provided within the courses and allow them to learn about concepts on multiple forums.  In these ways, students will have access to websites and online forums that are not filtered by browser settings or with a filtering software application.  For parents who don't already have a filter in place, we recommend visiting the links below to find out how to block sites that can be accessed on browsers, or consider installing a filtering software application.  We have provided a link to instructions for how to block sites on the browser as well as information about some of the different software applications available: