• Chandler Online Academy

    Live Lab Instructions 

    How to Access the Live Lab 

    1. Log into GSE email account
    2. Go to: https://meet.google.com/
    3. Click on Join or start a meeting OR Click on “Use a meeting a code” - NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY
    4. Enter the Subject's Nickname - found on the Department schedule below
    5. You can drop-in and drop-out and stay as long as you need during the Live Lab session
    6. This is not direct instruction. Live lab is student-led through their questions after they have spent a sufficient amount of time within the lessons provided in Buzz.



    • Students are attending Live Lab for instructional support
    • Students will come prepared with questions for the teacher
    • Students will NOT be given assistance on current assessments - these are intended to reflect student understanding of content
    • Students will be respectful of the teacher and other students
    • Students will NOT use Live Lab as a time to "chat" with their peers
    • Students will follow COA and CUSD school policies
    • Live Lab will be recorded


    Chandler Online Academy Live Lab Instructions/Schedule