•  Chandler Online Academy:  2020 Online Summer School

    Final Exams:  Summer Session 1 students must submit the final exam by 4:00 pm June 19, and  Summer Session 2 students must submit the final exam by 4:00 pm July 10.  Passing the final exam with a 60% or better is required to earn credit for the course. 

    Withdrawal/Schedule Change Policies:  There are no schedule changes for Chandler Online Academy online summer classes after the first day of the session, June 1, 2020 for Session 1 or June 22, 2020 for Session 2.  Students may elect to withdraw from a class within 5 days from the first day of each session (by June 5 for Session 1 and by June 26 for Session 2) and receive a W on the official transcript. Courses not completed after the 5 days will result in a final grade of F on the student's official transcript.  In addition to completing all assignments & assessments, students must pass the final exam with a 60% or better in order to receive a passing grade and credit for the class. To request a withdraw parent/guardian will need to send an email to neil.erin@cusd80.com or whiteneck.brenda@cusd80.com with name of student and course. 

    Involuntary Withdrawal:  Students who engage in behavior that is considered misconduct (i.e. plagiarism, see the Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct section) may be withdrawn from the course and will not be eligible for a refund. 

    Extensions:  There are no extensions for Chandler Online Academy online summer classes. If a course is not completed by the end of the summer session in which it was begun and the final taken in-person at the designated date and location, the student will receive a final grade of an F on his/her official transcript.