Welcome to Chandler Online Academy!

  • August 5, 2020


    Hello Students and Families,


    2020 has certainly been an unforgettable year so far.  Many of the activities that we used to participate in that required little thought and organization, like going to the grocery store or working out at the gym, now require calculated planning.  There are many times that I have wondered if the world we were all comfortable in just last February will ever return, and I think it probably won't.  But sometimes not being the same is not such a bad thing.  


    I think about my own children, that I love so much, and how different each one of their little personalities are.  I think about the different students over the years that have been able to utilize Chandler Online Academy's flexible and innovative course plan to fit their distinct needs at that specific time.  It could have been a health emergency or opportunity to compete in global athletics or simply spending more time at home with loved ones.  Whatever the reasons were that students did not attend a traditional comprehensive high school, our staff was prepared to give each student a world-class, rigorous learning opportunity that still kept all their post-secondary options available.  Our enrollment numbers may have gone up, but this year is no different!


    We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students that made the difficult decision to transfer their enrollment from their in-person traditional CUSD school site to our online platform.  We know that for many of you, the stay will only be temporary, but we are used to that.  This will not change our focus on being the best at what we do.  Not to say that everything will be perfect from Day 1, but we know that making the jump into online learning will give our students critical educational experience in this technological world that will only benefit them moving forward.  


    So I challenge you, students and families, to keep an open mind and give yourself some time to engage in this environment that may not be very familiar.  Look for the many ways that learning can occur in a non-traditional setting, challenges can be met and overcome, and gratitude of growth can be experienced as new routines are established.  I promise that you will never forget your time at Chandler Online Academy.  Once a Hornet, Always a Hornet!




    Mr. Jarrett Pack

    Director, Chandler Online Academy