• Apply now for the 2019-2020 school year 

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    1. Carefully review the enrollment information and policies for the Full-Time Program on the "Full-Time Enrollment with Chandler Online Academy" page on our website to be sure the student will be able to meet weekly attendance and progress requirements.

    2. CUSD students must first withdraw from the previous CUSD school, complete the Enroll Full-Time form(below), and submit a current proof of residency. Non-CUSD students must first withdraw from the previous school, complete the Enroll Full-Time form below and you will receive a follow-up email will all required documents needed to complete the enrollment.

    3. Submit all required documents: Scan, or Email to:  neil.erin@cusd80.com   

    4. Receive the enrollment confirmation email with the day/time you can expect the Welcome Orientation conference call.

    5. Both the student and the parent/guardian must participate in the Welcome Orientation conference call before enrollment will be complete. The student, parent/guardian, and Guidance Counselor will create a course schedule during the Welcome Orientation.

    6. Once the Welcome Orientation is complete, the courses will start within 1 business day.

    7. Find the "Target End Date" to the right of each online course under "My Courses" upon logging in for the first time so you know when the course must be completed.  Watch for assignments as they become due and appear on the "Due Soon List" on the left side of the screen and monitor your grade and progress on the "Grades" page for each class.   You must submit all assignments when they are due and complete all assignments and assessments AND YOUR FINAL EXAM by the "Target End Date."  

    Last day to apply for full-time enrollment for 1st semester is Friday, November 15th. Any enrollments submitted after Friday, November 15th will be processed for January.  
    Click to Enroll Full-Time for the 19-20 school year: ENROLL FULL-TIME - Application must be completed using Google Chrome