Full-Time Online Students   
    Arizona elementary and seconday students can apply for enrollment with Chandler Online Academy.  Students are supported by CUSD highly qualified teachers through the online classroom, email, and phone contact.  Full-time secondary students have access to Honors and AP level online courses. See our Course Catalog for a full listing of available courses.  
    Tuition Information
    There is no cost for Arizona residents to enroll in Chandler Online Academy as a full-time student.     
    Course Length
    Full-time students at Chandler Online Academy have 2 options:
    • Three 9-week half credit courses at a time (if necessary the student could only transfer to brick and mortar site at semester with this option) 

    • Six 18-week half credit courses at a time (if necessary the student could transfer to brick and mortar site at the quarter with this option)
    Attendance & Progress
    While students enrolled in Chandler Online Academy  have a great deal of flexibility around when they can log in to class, they must adhere to weekly attendance and progress requirements to continue to have the option to complete coursework from anywhere, to maintain enrollment in our school, and to earn credits toward graduation. 
    Requirements (Important, Read Carefully)
    AttendanceFull-time students are required to work on classes a minimum of 24 hours each week. Attendance is reported by a parent/guardian no later than 9:00 p.m. every Sunday.  Reporting attendance each week is a requirement to maintain enrollment in Chandler Online Academy as a full-time student.  To submit attendance and find more information about attendance requirements, click here: Attendance.  The course session begins when enrollment is complete and the student and parent have completed the Welcome Orientation.  
    ProgressAll assignments/assessments should be submitted on or before the day they are due.  If a student misses a due date, he/she can submit the assignment/assessment, but the COA Late Work Policy will apply.
    REWARDS of Meeting Attendance and Progress Requirements


    CONSEQUENCES of Not Meeting Attendance and Progress Requirements (Read VERY Carefully!)
    Students who do not spend adequate time (at least 24 hours/week) working their online coursework will be contacted by COA attendance staff.  Students will not be allowed to take the course final exam if they have more than 3 zeroes or a grade lower than a 60%.  
    Parent/Guardian Involvement & Attendance Responsibility
    When a student commits to taking online courses with Chandler Online Academy, his/her parent/guardian is also committing to:
    1. Monitoring your student's progress in her/his online classes using your Parent Portal
    2. Supporting and providing guidance to the student in managing his/her time
    3. Reporting weekly attendance                   
    Accelerated Pace
    Students can choose to work at an accelerated pace, with the option to finish a class in as little as 5 weeks. All students are required to log in and work on each class a minimum of 5 hours each week  Students may need to work 10 or more hours on each class each week in order to complete all assignments/assessments before the 9-week end-date.
    Final Exams
    All students taking an online class from Chandler Online Academy are required to take the final exam under the supervision of a test administrator.  It is the student's responsibility to schedule to take the final exam before the end-date of his/her class.  Final exams must be completed and passed before the Target End Date for each online class.
    Steps to schedule a final exam:
    1. When a student has completed all assignments & assessments due in the class, she/he will submit the "Final Exam Clearance" assignment. 
    2. The online teacher will check to be sure the student has completed the assignments and has an overall passing grade in the class. 
    3. If the student has met these requirements to be eligible to schedule to take the final, the teacher will grade the "Final Exam Clearance" assignment with a 100% score. 
    4. A 100% on the "Final Exam Clearance" assignment will give the student access to the next page in the online class, the "Final Exam Scheduler."  On the "Final Exam Scheduler," the student will click the link to open the form where she/he will select a date and time to to take the final exam. 
    5. The student will be scheduled according to his/her requested day and time.  A Confirmation Email with the date and time for when the student will take the final exam will be sent by email to the student.
    For more information about testing, directions to our school location, or to schedule your final exam, click HERE.
    Withdrawal/Schedule Change Policies 
    • Up to 7 days after the course start-date:*  Students may withdraw or change their schedule.
    • 7-21 days after the course start-date:*  Students who withdraw will receive a grade of W for all courses.  There are no schedule changes permitted more than 7 days after the course start-date. 
    • 22 days after the course start-date:*  Students who withdraw or fail to complete the course will receive a final grade of F on their official transcripts.
    • Involuntary Withdrawal:  Students who fail to meet Attendance/Progress Requirements, who fail to log-in for 10 consecutive days, or who engage in behavior that contradicts Chandler Online Academy's Student Code of Conduct, will be withdrawn and receive an F in all courses.   
    *The course start-dates will be sent to the student in the Welcome Email.  The course start-date is also available in each student's e-Learning Classroom.
    Refer to Chandler Online Academy's  Chandler Online Academy Student Handbook 2020-2021  for more information about school policies.
    District School Board Policies:  http://www.boarddocs.com/az/chandler/Board.nsf
    District Policy on Sexual Harassment Involving Studentshttps://www.cusd80.com/ACABpolicy