• Chandler Online Academy courses are designed to be accessible from a wide variety of computer systems and require only basic software applications/plug-ins that can be downloaded from the internet at no cost to students.  It is most likely that your system has already been updated with the necessary components to access our courses.  If you run into problems, please ensure your computer meets the software/hardware requirements described below.

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    Chandler Online Academy utilizes Florida Virtual School online courseware through Pearson. Click the link below for more information on system requirements and for a diagnostic of the browser you are using. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out whether the browser you are using has the necessary configurations: 


    Basic Requirements

    • A desktop or laptop computer is required to complete online courses.  Mobile devices including phones and tablets will not be sufficient to complete online courses.  Chromebooks will not be sufficient
    • Buzz supports the following browsers:
    • Website not compatible with Edge or Internet Explorer 9 or below
    • Javascript enabled
    • Cookies enabled
    • Flash installed
    • Java installed

    PC Requirements

    Macintosh Requirement


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