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    Mr. H. Naylor Fitzhugh III

    Room 89~ 480-883-4689

    7th grade math ~ 1st, 2nd, 3rd , & 5th Periods

    Preferred contact method: Remind App Messenger

    Email: fitzhughiii.howard@cusd80.com


    Welcome!  We hope to make this an easy transition for everyone, but we still have a lot to learn this year.  So please read over these guidelines to be successful!


    Classroom Guidelines: Students should always be respectful to themselves, the teacher, and their peers.  Students are expected to always try their very best and put effort into everything they do.    


    Grading:  I encourage you to check Infinite Campus to keep up on your grades weekly.  If you see any discrepancies, contact me right away.  I follow a standard grading scale.  70% of your math grade is based on assessments tasks while the other 30% is based on practice tasks (homework, Mathspace and participation). 


    If you miss a test or quiz I follow the school guidelines for making up work.  You have the amount of time you were absent plus one additional day to retake the test/quiz.  You must make it up in student hours before school or during a lunch period.  Please make every effort to turn in assignments on time to help build your skill mastery.  The semester final exam will be 10% of each semester’s overall grade.


    Mastery TasksTests & quizzes will be given on a regular basis (generally every Friday).  We will have a day to review on Thursday.  Making homework corrections and completing the practice problems on Mathspace will greatly help your success. 


    Test Corrections: If a student earns less than a score of 70% on a mastery task, they are encouraged to come to math tutoring to make corrections.  Students have one week from the time they receive their grade to turn in corrections.  Half-credit will be given on corrections up to a max of 79%.


    Homework: Students should expect math homework on a daily basis (Monday-Thursday) which should ALWAYS be written in the Agenda.  Homework must be completed in PENCIL ONLY.  Homework is seldom given on Fridays.  Homework should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.  If it is taking longer on a consistent basis please have a parent email me. 


    If there is no math homework, students are expected to be reviewing concepts, or working on extra practice, or problem solving.  Homework is always due at the beginning of class and may be graded on completion, for accuracy, or via a homework quiz.  Mathspace is also a requirement and you will have one assignment to complete every week.  If you are unable to access the website at home you can use a school laptop during tutoring or your Storm Hour.  There are apps available on Android and iPad.


    Absences:  It’s very difficult to make up work from an absence in junior high—please be here as often as you can!  If you know you are going to be absent, please let me know so I can try to get you work ahead of time.  It is imperative to go to tutoring if you have been absent!  Make-up work can be found on Google classroom.  It is YOUR responsibility to get make-up work or schedule a make-up test if you are absent. 


    Electronic Devices: Electronic devices (cell phones, IPods, tablets, etc.) will be used very rarely in class.  When not in use, they must be left in your backpack, and not in your pocket.  Cell phones must be left in the classroom whenever you leave to use the restroom or go to the office.  A CARE will result from electronic device misuse. 


    Supplies:  Math students will need at least one spiral notebook for each semester.  It is also a good idea to carry a folder for loose math papers.  Other supplies include: pencils (at least 3 sharpened), colored pens for grading (not black), a 12-inch ruler,  a scientific calculator like this one on Amazon (allowed on AZMerit test), and white board markers. It is imperative that students bring their math book to class DAILY. I would highly recommend they have their own sharpener, hole puncher (if they need one), and stapler. 

    Year at-a-glance:

    7th grade math

    Unit 1 ~ 1st Quarter

    Ratios & Proportional Relationships

    Unit 2 ~ 2nd Quarter

    The Number System: Integers & Rational Numbers

    Unit 3 ~ 3rd Quarter

    Expressions & Equations

    Unit 4 ~ 4th Quarter


    Unit 5  ~ 4th Quarter

    Statistics & Probability


    Tutoring:  Free tutoring is provided almost every day for all core classes.  If you are unable to make my tutoring session time you can visit another math teacher’s session.  You should never have trouble getting help when you need it!  If the tutoring times don’t work out for you, please talk to me individually.  My tutoring time is Friday mornings from 8:15 to 8:45. Students do not need a pass to come to tutoring due to social distancing requirements.  To get the most out of tutoring make sure you come with a question or topic that I can help you with.

    Google Classroom: I will continue to add resources on Google Classroom to help with the different concepts we will be covering.  I will also add video recordings of each lesson as long as time permits. 

    ·         Remind Class Codes: 

    ·         Period 1 Math 7 - @49ersrock

    ·         Period 2 Math 7 - @49ersrule

    ·         Period 5 Math - @iluv49ers

    ·         Period 6 Math 7 - @49ers2021

    Questions: If you have one, ask!  J  I encourage you and your child to email me whenever you have a question or concern.  Whether it is before school, in a written note, e-mail, or a phone call, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I try my best to respond as quickly as possible and within 24 hours during the week.  You can stay up to date by checking our class website & Infinite Campus on a regular basis.  I sometimes send announcements and information using the Remind Messenger app, but it is also the best way to get a hold of me quickly.