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Position: AP US History
Room: D115
Phone: 480-424-8865
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Hello there! I am proud to be a 4th generation native of Arizona. My grandfather and my father instilled a love of history and culture that is undeniable. It is this passion for history and learning that led me to leave the business world after 15+ years to pursue a career in education. My hope is that my passion for history pours out and becomes tangible for my students.

My Education and Professional Background

I was once a student of the CUSD and am excited to now give back as a teacher. I received my undergraduate degree from Arizona State University (Go Devils!) and my graduate degree from Grand Canyon University (Go Lopes!).

My Educational Philosophy

It is my responsibility to create a consistent, safe classroom environment where students can speak freely, engage in open dialogue, and share personal feelings without judgment. The classroom is where I mold the future leaders, workers, and volunteers of the community at large. I prepare students for these roles through modeling respect and compassion for others in the classroom and with other faculty, staff, and administration on and off campus. I counsel students to be accountable for their academic journey by participating in lessons and activities that promote self-discovery and self-expression. In my classroom, I embrace each student’s distinct contribution to the learning process, and I invite them to enhance the academic discussion through their unique perspective. I believe that learning should challenge the students to think higher and wider- to think beyond their immediate influences- but, I also believe that learning should be fun and creative.

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