• Student Parking Information


    ACP High School students that drive may park in one of our student parking lots. Students must complete the Parking Application Form and MUST have a current and valid driver’s license and insurance card. Copies of both items must be uploaded when submitting the parking permit application. Learning permits are not accepted. Parking permits are $80.00 for the school year and no refunds will be given. Once the parking application form has been submitted, students may choose their parking space by seeing Ms. Wilson in the front office. Mrs. Arceo will add the parking fee to students accounts and can be paid either online or in the bookstore. Once paid, students may pick up a parking hanger in the bookstore.  

    Students and parents will be required to sign the application form indicating they have read the following rules and guidelines. By electronically signing the application form, the student agrees to abide by and follow the rules as listed.

    General Parking Rules & Information

    1. Students will have an assigned parking space and must park in that space.

    2. Parking permits are not to be shared, borrowed, purchased, or sold to/from another student.

    3. Students must always have their parking hangar visible. If lost, replacement fee is $5.

    4. Student vehicles may be searched if reasonable suspicion warrants. Students must cooperate with authorities if access to a vehicle is requested.

    5. Students must lock (secure) their vehicle at all times. All students park at their own risk. CUSD/ACPHS is not responsible for any theft, vandalism, or damage to any vehicle or personal property inside a vehicle.

    6. All accidents and/or vandalism should be reported immediately to school security.

    7. Students must obey all traffic laws and school rules to include but not limited to:

    • a. Follow campus speed limit (10 miles per hour)
    • b. Control and/or use of vehicle
    • c. Follow all directions of school employees
    • d. No passengers in the back of an open truck bed
    • e. No driving over curbs
    • f. All trash around your vehicle must be picked up

    8. Students who are parked illegally may receive a parking citation or violation sticker. Students who continue to park without proper documentation may be towed, booted, or receive a disciplinary consequence. Students will pay for towing and storage if a vehicle is towed because of administrative or law enforcement actions.

    9. Violation of parking rules may result in the loss of parking privileges and permit without refund of fees.

    10. Students may NOT park vehicles along neighborhood streets. All student vehicles must be parked on campus property.

    Families will be able to pay the $80 parking permit fee via this summer's Day of the Knights. Fees must be paid by 11:59 PM, July 18th. If fees are not paid by this time, the space will be released and open to other students. Beginning July 19th, students who have paid the $80 fee may pick up their parking hangar for their assigned space from our bookstore and hang the placard in their vehicle prior to arriving the following day.

    Questions should be directed to Mrs. Wilson.  wilson.roslyn@cusd80.com