• Uniform & Dress Code

    Arizona College Preparatory has a primary objective of developing a “community of learners,” dedicated to the highest standards of academics and deportment. As such, a distinctive uniform is a unifying factor within our school community. It is also a visible signature of our school to the larger community, an indicator of our unity and of our pride of purpose.

    This is the most important function of a uniform: it identifies its wearer as part of a distinctive group with a distinctive purpose. It is a reminder to its wearer of that purpose and of one’s responsibility to that group. Another purpose of a uniform is to reduce the attention given to appearances, and to questions of group affiliation, socio-economic status, and the like.

    We want students to attend to the ideas and character of their colleagues in school, expressed in other students’ words and deeds, rather than focusing on external appearances. We hope to engender in students a respect for the essential dignity of others. Our desire is not to quash student’s individuality, but to secure their commitment to a community of learners whose purpose, while at school, is scholarship and character development.


    Please see the different Uniform Policies of Arizona College Prep on the left-side menu of this page.