• Student Passwords

    Returning to CUSD Students: If you're a continuing CUSD student from last school year, your student password has remained the same. If you forgot your password, please contact the ACPHS front office for a password reset. Please note that all student passwords will be reset on Monday, July 17th. Directions will be sent out for how to rest your password on Monday, July 17th at 8AM.


    New to CUSD Students: If you are new to CUSD, parents must first create an Infinite Campus Portal account to retrieve their student's ID number. A student cannot set up their accounts without an ID number. Parents can set up an Infinite Campus Portal account by clicking here. New students will follow the same directions below once they receive their student ID number from their parent.


    All students must first change their Microsoft Password prior to accessing Infinite Campus. It does not matter what type of device in which this is completed. Please note that the Microsoft password is different than the students google password.


    Student Password Progression for Microsoft/Infinite Campus


    1. Parent must first set up an Infinite Campus Portal to retrieve Student ID.

    2. Log into Infinite Campus



    Grades 7-12


    • Pattern: first initial + last initial + birthdate (MMDDYY format)
    • Example: sophomore Annie Smith whose birthday is October 3, 2007 will have their password reset to as100307
    • 7-12 students will be forced to change their password after it is reset



    Students can change their Google password by logging in to their Google account (accounts.google.com) with their reset password on any device, at school or at home




    Students can change their Microsoft password by either:


    • logging on to a CUSD Windows device with their reset password, or
    • logging in to the Microsoft portal (myaccount.microsoft.com) with their reset password on any device at school or at home.
    • Username for Microsoft is s+id@s.cusd80.com – example s123456@s.cusd80.com
    • When forced to change the password, the new password must include 8 characters. 3 of these 4 things must be included; uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character. The password cannot be the student's first or last name, or ID number.



    All 2-12 students must change their Microsoft password after it is reset before accessing Infinite Campus.