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Position: English 10, Honors English 10, English 11 & Spiritline
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Welcome to Honors English. You will be engaged in a high level of language arts study aiming at preparing you for either high school. In addition to further enhancing your grammar skills and vocabulary, the focus of the course is to refine reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills through the exploration of different texts.You will read, reflect on, and analyze a variety of pieces, both fiction and nonfiction.

My Education and Professional Background

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English for Arizona State University. I meet the highly qualified requirements set by the State of Arizona and also hold an SEI endorsement.Prior to college I was a counselor at a music camp. I worked in the Dysart District for the first five years of my teaching career. When we moved to the East Valley, I worked in Mesa Public Schools before settling in Maricopa. When we moved to Chandler, I spent one year working as a Response to Intervention Specialist before beginning work at ACP. I have taught English Language Arts for grades 7-12 at all skill levels.

My Educational Philosophy

I naturally helped other students during elementary school and by eighth grade I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Through volunteering and counseling at music camp, I discovered that I had a passion for teenagers. I am an understanding soul who has the ability to see a student's potential and help guide them over, under, around, and through the obstacles they encounter during the educational race. I believe that through reading and writing students come to understand themselves, the world around them, and their place in that world. I belive students learn they have the power to change the world through education. In our classroom, I help students create a community of learners since the teen years are a huge part of their social development. Students are accountable for their learning in my classroom and I believe they reap what they sow. I have high expectations for students and I do not believe in the word "can't".

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