Families that choose to drop off and pick up their child from ACP must follow the following guidelines (see "red" car route line in above picture). The same procedures are to be followed for students that choose to drive their personal vehicle to school and park in the student parking lot. Staff will be posted along the route to ensure procedures are followed appropriately.


    1. Enter the campus in the eastern most ingress (past the visitor parking lot) off of Brooks Farm Rd. (student drivers should proceed in the left lane and parents dropping off their child should be in the right lane of traffic).

    2. Follow the campus loop to drive your vehicle around to the west end of the building.

    3. Students are to be dropped off by the gymnasium crosswalks

    4. Vehicles will then follow the route to the north end of the campus and will exit onto Gilbert Rd. (note: vehicles in the right lane will turn right onto Gilbert Rd., and vehicles in the left lane must turn left onto Gilbert Rd.

    5. Students that drive their personal vehicle to campus will follow the same directions and turn into the appropriate parking lot (students need to be in the left campus loop traffic lane in order to enter the parking lots)