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Position: AP Human Geo & AP/US-AZ Government
Room: D101
Phone: 480-424-8851
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I have an open-door policy for students/parents and welcome an opportunity to work together to make this a great year.

My Education and Professional Background

I earned a BA in History from the Univ. of Missouri-Columbia (Go Tigers!) and have a masters from UOP. I've been fortunate to teach a variety of Advanced Placement classes including Human Geography, World and US History, plus participating in the We the People government program.

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is simply this; An engaged student of history is one who will learn to question not merely the dates and places, but the why, how, and "how does this impact me" perspective. I'm an advocate of differentiated instruction (which is a fancy way of saying I like to mix it up when I'm teaching). Each day should bring something a little different so that all the students will stay connected to what we are learning. Reading, discussion and active participation are critical! Students of the 21st century must have the flexibility and skills necessary to thrive in a plugged-in or pencil and paper world. Finally, I think students deserve to understand expectations placed on them so they have the opportunity to achieve and feel safe in the classroom environment.

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