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Position: Culinary & Ed Professions Teacher
Room: Culinary /Room D211
Phone: 480-424-8891
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Welcome to CTE! This year we will focus on treating the classroom and lab as a learning workplace which will encourage students to develop supportive relationships, good organizational and communication skills, and higher-level thinking. As a class we will work toward fostering cooperation, encouraging positive group relationships, and developing students’ self-esteem while improving academic achievements.

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

It is my job as a CTE educator to transform students into young professionals. Creating a sense of community within the classroom can help students become active and successful participants. It is critical to teach students respect, responsibility, personal accountability and how to work with others in partner, small group and large group scenarios. Each young professional is responsible for his or her own learning AND helping others learn, with the strengths of each person utilized in a way that ensures success for both individuals and the group.

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