• Arizona College Preparatory's Attendance Policy 


    Attendance Line (480)424-8703 

    If your child is going to be absent/tardy from school for any reason, please call our attendance line at 480-424-8703, and follow the provided instructions. 

    Contacting a teacher will NOT substitute for notifying the Attendance Line.
    Parent/Guardian(s) MUST call the Attendance Line about each student's absence, either for the day or only individual class period(s).


    Regular attendance and prompt arrival at school are vital to the Arizona College Preparatory student’s attitude and subsequent success as a serious scholar.

    A student is considered absent if they miss one or more classes in a day. Whenever possible, if a student's absence is anticipated, we recommend that the student notify his or her teachers and request the assignments prior to the absence. Arizona College Preparatory is committed to meeting the district’s mission and has therefore set a goal of 95% daily attendance rate and developed the following procedures to ensure student attendance.

    Attendance Reporting
    Ideally, your call to report your students' absence should be made first thing in the morning between 6:00am - 8:00am, so that their attendance is documented for their teachers to see.  If you call out your student later than 8:00am, the attendance will be documented in a timely manner for teacher knowledge.


    ACP High School Attendance Email:  Attendance emails should ONLY be sent to excuse full-day absences in advance.  Please do NOT use this email to notify attendance of late arrivals or early dismissals.  ACPHSAttendance@CUSD80.com


    Excused Absences
    Illness, medical appointments, family bereavement, and court appearances are examples of absences that will be excused when the following procedures have been followed.

    1. Parents must call the Attendance Line within 24 hours of a student’s absence from school.

    2. Parents must phone in each day that their student is absent; calling in on the first day of an absence will only excuse that day.  

    3. In the event that a phone is not accessible, a note signed and dated by the parent explaining the reason for the absence will be acceptable upon the student’s return to school.

    4. Parents will be notified by an automated message on the day of absence, if they have failed to call in.

    5. Failure to call within the 24-hour period will result in the student receiving an unexcused absence.

    6. Any absence due to an illness that requires the student to be out of school for 3 or more consecutive days will only be excused by a doctor’s note.

    7. In cases where a student may be absent due to a chronic/on-going medical condition, a note from a physician, on official stationery, explaining school attendance will suffice as a doctor’s excuse for all student absences related to the condition. The absence must still be called in prior to receipt of the doctor's note.


    Parent - Student Early Sign Out 

    Instructions for parents/guardians who are signing out their student towards the end of the school day:

    • Please arrive NO later than 1:55pm to sign-out your student. We will NOT allow students to be signed out after 2:00pm.
    • Parents will park in the Visitor Parking lot in front of the Admin Building; enter the Visitor parking lot off of Brooks Farm Road by the school marquee.

    • Student Sign Out is in-person at the attendance desk.  Parent/guardian(s) MUST have a current photo ID. 

    • Please allow 10-15 minutes for the sign-out process

    • If a student NEEDS to leave for an appointment, please send a handwritten note and drop it off at the attendance desk in the front office. 

    Thank you for planning accordingly to help us help you!


    Missed Assignments Due to Absence


    It is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed assignments after an absence from school. If a student is unable to attend school and seeks their assignments, they should contact one of their classmates for that information. Go to each of their teachers' webpages &/or Google Classrooms. Do NOT contact the school office. The following guidelines have been established for such work.

    1. For each day missed from an excused absence, the student has an equal number of days to make up work. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade or no credit.

    2. In cases involving an extended illness of more than three days, parents should arrange with the school to have work picked up for the student.


    3. Work must be requested 24 hours in advance of pick-up.



    Unexcused Absences


    Babysitting and over-sleeping are examples of absences that will not be excused. Each unexcused absence will result in a student receiving a consequence. Five unexcused absences in one semester may result in a citation requiring the student to appear before a judge on charges of truancy.



    Chronic Absenteeism


    A student who accrues 10 or more absences – even though they may be excused – will result in notification to the district truancy officer who may require that all future absences be validated by a doctor’s excuse. Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute - ARS 15-802/15-803, students who exceed an absentee rate of 10% are considered truant, even if the absences are excused.




    Arizona College Preparatory recognizes that a student may be late on occasion due to transportation problems or a family emergency. Students who are late to school must report to the office for a late pass in order to be admitted to class. If your student will be late, please provide him/her with a signed excuse or sign them in at the office on arrival. Tardiness due to medical appointments or to circumstances beyond a family’s/driver’s control will be excused. (The Assistant Principal will determine whether tardiness is excused, if a question arises.)

    First Bell @ 7:15am

    Second Bell - Beginning of Instructional Teaching @ 7:25am

    A tardy is defined by  “not being in class and in their assigned seat when the late bell rings”.  A student is tardy when they arrive to class after the late (second) bell has sounded.  Classroom instruction begins with the start of the late bell. Therefore, all students are to be in class & seated, prior to the late bell. 

    To begin school on time, all students must be in class prior to the 7:25am late (second) bell sounding.  Students have a 5 minute passing period between classes.  All students are to be in class and be seated and ready to begin class when the late bell rings.  Teachers will mark all students who arrive after the late bell as an 'unexcused tardy'.  Students who are tardy because they have been with another teacher, the counselor's office or the main office, will arrive to class with a pass to excuse the tardy.

    Persistent tardiness interrupts the instruction and undermines the morale that is of benefit to all students and families. On the third occasion that a student is tardy in a quarter, a lunch detention slip will be issued to the student. Of course, arrival to school after first hour will also be counted as tardiness. For each subsequent tardy in the quarter, another detention will be issued. When a student has received three detentions for tardiness in a quarter, then he or she will be suspended from school for five days and placed on an attendance contract.

    Withdrawal from School

    If it becomes necessary for you to withdraw your student from school during the school term, you should notify administration two days in advance to prepare transfer records. You will be given a withdrawal sheet to take to each teacher for proper clearance.  Parents may come to school and make the withdrawal at any time. Having the forwarding address of the new school is very helpful. All school-issued books and materials must be turned in prior to withdrawal.