•  ACP and CGCC - Dual Enrollment

    Registration for Dual Enrollment at CGCC for the spring semester is now open

    • Returning students should have received an email with links to class lists at CGCC and the registration guide.
    • New students can go to the CGCC website at cgc.edu/dual, then click the Getting Started button. 

    *Registration closes February 22, 2021
    *Students will have until February 7, 2021 to self enroll
    *After February 7, 2021, they will need to email CGCC with class numbers and we will add their classes for them

    The refund deadline is February 7, 2021

    Students who were approved for Tuition Assistance will get up to 4 credits paid for during the spring semester. Tuition Assistance is applied for once a year, no new Tuition Assistance applications for spring semester.

    Questions - email  dualernollment@cgc.edu

    Getting an early start on your college education can definitely pay off later on, and we’re here to help you get that early start. In fact, studies show that students experience greater academic success in college when they complete dual enrollment courses in high school.

    When you take dual enrollment classes, you’ll be earning high school and college credits at the same time. Plus, you’ll gain the experience of being a college student.

    Chandler Gilbert Community College (CGCC) partners with East Valley high schools to offer dual enrollment credit for academic and occupational classes. The courses are taught on high school campuses by college-approved high school teachers and can be counted toward high school graduation requirements. 

    The credits you earn may transfer to another community college or university, and qualifying students may even be eligible to receive tuition assistance based on financial need. 

    Check out the The Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) on the AZ Transfer link. It shows how courses transfer from community college to ASU, NAU and U of A.    

    **Be aware that the transferability of a course does not indicate how the course will apply to meet requirements  or specific bachelor's degrees.