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Position: Speech and Debate
Room: D203
Phone: 480-424-8883
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Clicking on the link in the menu above will take you to the Speech and Debate Team Page. That page provides resources for students, parents, and volunteer judges to be successful in the world of competitive Speech and Debate.

My Education and Professional Background

• Received a BA in Biology from Point Loma Nazarene University • Received an MA in Secondary Curriculum from Northern Arizona University • Taught English in Chandler Public Schools since 1993

My Educational Philosophy

Speech and Debate is a student-centered classroom and team. Experienced veteran students do most of the teaching. Because there are 16 different events at a typical tournament, there are often numerous lessons occurring in the classroom simultaneously. There is a strong emphasis on character building and leadership development on the team. We are very focused on the culture and are guided by our two core values: 1) See the big picture; the idea that there is so much more that we can receive.

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