• About Norm Rumsey...

    Position: Speech & Debate Teacher

    Room: D203

    Email: Norm Rumsey

     Norm Rumsey

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    Welcome to the world of Speech & Debate. Connect with the many students who say, "Joining Speech and Debate is the best decision I made in high school." We invite you to join our family.

    My Education and Professional Background

    Received a BA in Biology from Point Loma Nazarene University • Received an MA in Secondary Curriculum from Northern Arizona University • Taught English in Chandler Public Schools since 1993.

    My Educational Philosophy

    Speech and Debate is a highly collaborative, student-centered classroom. At ACPHS, S&D is not an after school club, but rather a class. After school practices are only open to those who are enrolled in this class. There is a strong emphasis on character development and leadership. We have two core values: 1) "See the picture" i.e. don't just see the trophies, but focus on the more valuable things we get from S&D; 2) "Iron sharpens iron" i.e. we make each other better by learning from one another.