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ACP Erie Counseling

School Counselor (A - K)           Teresa Lake (480) 424-8012
School Counselor (L - Z)               Lisa Edwards (480) 424-8080 

Mission Statement

The mission of the ACP-Erie Counseling department is to provide a supportive environment in which all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for academic, career, and personal/social development to become life-long learners and responsible citizens.


ACP-Erie Counseling believes

·         Students are our highest priority and have the right to a school counselor who is accessible and who acts as a liaison among school, student, parent, and community;

 ·         All students are unique; when given a safe, nurturing environment, they will succeed to their highest individual talent and potential;

 ·         Diversity is to be respected and appreciated as we foster unity among our students, faculty, staff, and community through effective collaboration, communication, and service;

 ·         The values of honesty, respect, and responsibility are fundamental; every student has the right to be heard and treated with dignity; and

 ·         Counselors advocate for every student and collaborate with staff, families, and the community to identify student needs and to provide the necessary resources to ensure educational equity, access, and success for all students.


The counseling staff provides services in these areas as follows:

1. Personal/Social Domain

The counselors assist students by providing support and guidance to improve school performance. Counselors are available on a daily basis to discuss personal concerns with students. If additional support is needed, students and parents may obtain professional referrals. Counseling interns, group counseling and consultation with the school psychologist and school nurse are available to students on the ACP-Erie campus. Counselors make referrals to the Teacher Assistance Team (TAT), a team of professionals that meets to assess individual student needs and to suggest interventions for student success. Counseling and support services include:

·         Referrals to Teacher Assistance Team (TAT)

·         Referrals for counseling

·         Crisis intervention

·         Parent support meetings

·         Personal counseling

·         Group counseling

2. Academic Domain

The counselors assist students and their parents with high school educational planning and programming to ensure that students have an appropriate secondary education and graduate from ACP-Erie in a timely manner. In addition, counselors help students in selecting coursework that supports their post-secondary choices, both educational and vocational. Counseling and support services include:

·         High school course selection and planning

·         Monitoring graduation status

·         Referrals to adult/student tutoring

·         Individual student and parent meetings for academic counseling

·         Referrals to Reading and Math Intervention Programs

·         Class scheduling

·         High School Orientation for 8th Grade students

·         Referrals for academic testing and alternative placement

3. College/Career Domain

The counselors also assist students by providing information and guidance pertaining to college admissions, college entrance requirements, testing, scholarships, financial aid and completing college applications.  Counseling and support services include:

·         9th, 10th, 11th grade ECAP College and Career program 

·         Military information

·         ASVAB Testing

·         College letters of recommendation, secondary school reports, mid-year reports

·         Assistance with college research and selection

·         GPA verification for college scholarships and financial aid

·         NCAA qualification and registration assistance

·         College application assistance

·         College Requirements

·         College videos and catalogs in Career Center

·         SAT/ACT registration information

·         SAT preparation classes

·         College Admissions Workshops

-ASU/U of A application workshops

-Community college applications

-Financial aid

·         PSAT interpretation