• About Mrs. Kristin Patterson...

    Position: 12th Grade AP Literature and Composition, Yearbook, Newspaper, Creative Writing Club

    Team/Department: English Department

    Room: C209

    Phone: (480) 424-8839

    Email: Mrs. Kristin Patterson

    Mrs. Kristin Patterson

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    Welcome to AP Literature and Composition. Through the study of literature, students will carefully read and critically analyze fiction, drama, and poetry to develop an appreciation for the ways literature reflects and comments on a range of experiences, institutions, and social structures. Students will examine the choices literary writers make and the techniques they utilize to achieve purposes and generate meanings.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I received my Master's in Educational Leadership with a certification in Administration in 2008 from NAU. I have also completed many hours toward a Master's degree in Reading through Illinois State University. My support for the ASU Sun Devils dates back to 1995 when I received my teaching degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English. I have enjoyed many years of teaching experience at both the junior high and high school level in Arizona and in Illinois. In 2002 I joined CUSD at Andersen Junior High School and in 2015 I joined the ACP Erie family where I truly love teaching AP Literature and Composition to seniors and enjoy helping them prepare for their future college experiences. Additionally, teaching our school’s online newspaper course and yearbook is extremely rewarding and a perfect opportunity to share the many successes of our students through these different mediums.

    My Educational Philosophy

    Being a teacher requires a special love for children. The passion I have for teaching has stayed strong since I first entered the field of education in 1995. Children of all ages are a precious gift, and we must all work together to guarantee they are given every opportunity for success. Therefore, it is essential to have a strong partnership with the parents of the students in my classroom to ensure this success. There should be no limits to the dreams our children have for their future. There is a world of opportunity that awaits them - a global and international world where new careers are being developed each and every day. That is why we must do our best to prepare our children for these endless opportunities and never stifle their dreams. I look forward to working with the parents of the students I teach to help them discover just how far their dreams may go.