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Position: Honors English 9 and AP Literature
Room: C211
Phone: 480-424-8841
Email: Johnson

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I am eager to begin the new school year with my fellow ACP Knights! This school is a very special, amazing community of avid learners, and as long as we are together (even digitally) life is grand!

My Education and Professional Background

I have a BA in English Education from the University of Arizona; a Master of Education degree in "Curriculum and Instruction" from Northern Arizona University; and I reached ABD status ("all but dissertation") for my PhD in early American literature from Arizona State University. Since the 2019-2020 year, I have been teaching Honors English at ACP and am finding more fulfillment and joy in my work than ever before! In teaching college writing courses over the past several years, I realized that my heart never really left the high school scene. So I am thrilled to be back, as it were!

My Educational Philosophy

I seek to build a strong sense of community in my classes through humor and the discussion of literature and ideas. First, our business together is sharing and diving into each other's literary interpretations. Thus, my goal is to help you identify more closely with what you read and articulate your findings more effectively, particularly as academic writers. My hope is that you will make meaningful, and sometimes unexpected, connections to your world every time you enter my class. Second, I am here to mobilize and equip you for critical reading that translates into rhetorical awareness in your essay writing.

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