• Arizona College Preparatory – Erie

    No Rescue Policy 

    As a reminder, ACP-Erie’s “No Rescue” policy will be enforced beginning this week. We feel it is important to afford our students an opportunity to assimilate with the guidelines and expectations at our school, but we also feel it is just as important to have our students develop personal responsibility.  The “No Rescue” policy emphasizes to all students the importance of building character, responsibility, as well as self-discipline.  With this policy, our students will develop skills that will prepare them for success at school and beyond. The specific guidelines for this policy are listed below. If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact administration.



    1. Students will not be permitted to call home in order to have a family member bring a forgotten assignments to campus;
    2. If a parent brings an assignment to the office after the start of the school day (7:45), the assignment will be placed in the appropriate teacher’s mailbox and standard late work policies will be enforced.


    Class Supplies

    1. PE Uniforms
      • Students will not be permitted to call home in order to have an individual bring forgotten PE attire to campus;
      • Office staff will not accept PE attire after the start of the school day (7:45). The student will receive the standard point deduction for not being in appropriate PE attire.
    2. Books
      • Students will not be permitted to call home in order to have an individual bring textbooks or novels that were forgotten;
      • Office staff will not accept books (text/novels) after the start of the school day (7:45).
    3. Laptops/Technology
      • Office staff will not accept laptops, thumb drives and other technology after the start of the school day (7:45).



    ACP faculty understands printing of documents often offers a challenge for families (e.g. running out of ink, running out of paper, printer stops working, etc.). Policies are in place to assist families when these situations occur. However, we wish to remind students to plan ahead for any assignments that require printing. Students who take advantage of set policies may have their printing privileges limited. 

    1. Assignments that are sent to the appropriate teacher via email (due to printing issues) prior to 7:45 AM on the day the assignment is due will be accepted for full credit; however, a hard-copy of the assignment must be turned in within 24 hours or standard late policy deductions will be applied;
    2. Students may utilize classroom computers/printers during SUCCESS to print out assignments;
    3. No student will be allowed to print an assignment after 8:05, unless the instructor requests them to do so. In such case, the student will use available classroom computers to print out their assignment;
    4. Students may use the available office computer to print documents until 7:45. After 7:45, students must use available classroom resources during SUCCESS;
    5. Students who are found to abuse this privilege (i.e. continually utilize school resources to print, habitually forget to print assignments, consistently do not have required papers, etc.) will meet with administration, parents will be contacted and future printing privileges may be severely limited.



    ACP office staff WILL accept lunches and will distribute lunches to the appropriate student during passing period.

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

    -- Aristotle