• ACP High School - P.E. Uniforms

    PE Uniform purchases are available through our Eastbay Storefront. Once we receive the shipment, we will send out an email and students will pick up their items at the bookstore at that time. Payment will occur upon the pick-up of the items. Please place your order by Tuesday, 8/3, the Eastbay Store will close end of day on this date.

    • PE Uniform Purchases - Eastbay Store - Order Only quantity and sizes - No Payments
    • Payment will be made at the Bookstore when the PE Uniforms have been received. Keep checking the Knightly Update. An email will be sent out in a couple weeks to instruct students when to stop by the Bookstore to pick up PE Uniforms

     Forms of acceptable payment for PE Uniforms

    • Cash
    • Checks (made payable to ACP High School, please include a phone number, if it's not already on the check and student ID# in the memo)
    • Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard Only)