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    Arizona College Prep High School offers a carpool directory service to our families. The carpool directory is only viewable to other "registered" carpoolers. How to register for the Carpool Directory:  Step 1 - leftside of screen, click on Carpool Directory, complete the form, done/close.  Step 2 - Return to the main webpage (you can arrow back from browser). Step 3 - Go down to the very bottom of screen on the right, click "register", type dob, complete the form (use your email address for UserID and choose your own Password), SUBMIT.  
    To view other carpoolers:  go to main page on ACPHS website, click "sign in" at very bottom right, use your email address and password you chose, fill out fields or just click "submit" to view all carpoolers.
    We will only register families in the directory that have a student currently attending Arizona College Prep High School.
    If you have questions regarding this, please contact
    Eve Estrada-Lopez

     Arizona College Prep High School

    4477 S. Gilbert Road
    Chandler, AZ 85249
    480 424-8707
    Fax 480 224-9268
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