CUSD Equity Initiative

  • CUSD has adopted a district-wide initiative to improve how we proactively prepare our staff and students to be inclusive, equitable, and excellent. 

    Each site will be developing a team of teachers to be liaisons with the district and engage in meaning professional development in an on-going fashion to achieve our goals. Below are how we will begin to define Inclusion, Equity, and Excellence.

    • INCLUSION:  Students and employees feel welcomed, seen, respected, understood, cared for, and safe.
    • EQUITY:  Educational disparities based on race, economics, and other dimensions of difference are reduced and eliminated.  Positive school outcomes are distributed equitably across all demographic and identity groups. 
    • EXCELLENCE:  We keep the bar high in all we do.  We educate students and employees in the preservation of their identity and culture.  Substance, depth and critical thinking are more important than either compliance or test scores. 


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