Welcome to Honors English 10!

  • Wecome to Semester 1!

     Detailed Quarter Map

    Anchor texts for Quarter 1: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck or Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and Othello by William Shakespeare

      omm  bug  oth


    Anchor text for Quarter 2: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (1931 version)



    Binder with FIVE tab dividers- You can have a separate binder just for English, or you can use a larger binder with multiple subjects in it AS LONG AS you have your 5 English tabs clearly labelled and organized.

    • Pens – blue or black for assignments; some other color (red, green, purple, etc.) for editing and correcting
    • Pencils – if you prefer using a pencil over using a pen, that is fine. You are allowed to use either.


      • Highlighters – blue, pink, yellow, and green. I will have a class set you can use if you don’t want your own.
      • Correction fluid
      • Post-it notes
      • Glue Stick
      • Safety scissors
      • Kleenex donations for the class are ALWAYS appreciated


    You are responsible for maintaining a binder in which you organize all of your assignments, handouts, and assessments. I will check periodically to ensure that you are staying organized. By having a common system, not only can our class can function more effectively, but you are less likely to lose or throw away papers that you might need for later reference.

    Please label your tab dividers as:

    Section 1 – Policies and Calendars

    Section 2 – Handouts

    Section 3 – Literature

    Section 4 – Vocabulary/ Grammar

    Section 5 – Writing

    I will start checking binders the second week of school, so please have all materials hole-punched and filed appropriately.


    Reference Handouts to be kept in Section 1 of your binder:

    • Policies 19-20
    • Weekly calendars
    • Tone words
    • Mood words
    • Green words
    • Today I... statement template 


    Assignments, Handouts, and Calendars can be accessed by using the links in the menu.