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Position: English
Room: 501
Phone: 4802903716
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Thank you for taking the time to visit my Chandler High schoolwires page. I hope, whether as a parent, student, or prospective student, you find the information you are looking for about myself, my classes, and my assignments. If you can't find what you are looking for, or have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me through my school email. I will try to respond to any questions as soon as I am able. I look forward to hearing from you or meeting you in person.

My Education and Professional Background

I spent much of my early life in the mid-Atlantic region before moving to Arizona with my family when I was ten. I attended schools in the Mesa area, eventually graduating from Dobson High School. After high school I attended the University of Michigan, where I was active in marching band, intramural sports, and student publications. I graduated in 1993 with a degree in American Literature. After one year teaching in Ontario, California, I moved back to the Phoenix area. I have been at CHS ever since. Since then I have earned my masters in American Literature from Arizona State. I currently live in Gilbert with my wife, Stephanie (a teacher at Highland High) and my two daughters, Katrina and Saniya.

My Educational Philosophy

My favorite quote, above, is from John Steinbeck. He placed a winged pig, which he called pigasus on many of his books and personal letters along with this phrase. The Latin inscription translates to the starts on the wings of a pig . Steinbeck knew that humans are often awful creatures...they can be cruel to each other, as history surely proves. They are not as noble as horses...they are pigs, living in the slop. But, despite this, at times, they somehow manage to rise to greatness, to reach for the stars. This is what I believe. All people, all students, are capable of striving for greatness, despite their piglike actions in the past. Even if they never reach the stars...there is nobility even in the attempt. It is a message I find inspiring, and that I keep in mind every day I teach as I try to help students reach towards the stars.

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