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Position: English 10 and Dual Enrollment Criminal Justice
Room: 203
Phone: 480-812-7700
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Welcome to English 9.

My Education and Professional Background

In 1987, I graduated Brooklyn Law School, having received my bachelor's degree from New York University. I spent about 20 years practicing law while I raised my four children; two girls, now 29 and 28, and two boys, 26 and 21. I was an active volunteer in my children's schools which sparked a strong interest in education. I decided to pursue that interest and became certified to teach both Secondary English and Politics/Government. I've been teaching for the past nine years. My career change has proven to be profoundly rewarding and I'm looking forward to another wonderful year.

My Educational Philosophy

Mastery of language is the key to success. It is my aim to teach students to communicate effectively in school and in the community. Reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and presenting form the core of language and literacy. My goal is to ensure that CHS students continue to develop the language skills they will need to achieve their goals throughout their lives, both professionally and as participating, informed members of society.

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