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Position: Spanish 1 & 2
Room: 1204
Phone: Classroom Phone: (480) 812-7927/Google Voice/Text: (480) 382-5021
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Bienvenidos! I am so excited to get back to "normal" teaching, using the past year's experiences to improve how I teach. After a year of isolation, my word for the year is "Comunidad/ Community." I value each and every student and believe in coming together to grow through our struggles as a team.

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that every student matters and can achieve success in my class with meaningful participation. I have a great love of sharing the Spanish language and the act of learning language with others, including my own children. I've learned over the years that there are more natural ways to acquire a new language which includes a great deal of comprehensible input (listening to easy-to-understand Spanish), practice and real world application. Despite my enthusiasm for Spanish, my main focus is on teaching students and reaching them where they are.

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