• Welcome to the Chandler High School
              L.I.F.T. Lab
    Course Syllabus / Parent Letter

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


    Welcome to the L.I.F.T. Lab at Chandler High School.  This syllabus will explain the procedures that are associated with the Lab.  The L.I.F.T Lab is a program here at Chandler High School.  This program was created in 2007 to enable students to recover credits that were lost in previous semesters.  It is a self-paced computer program located here at CHS.  This program will allow your student to make up credits and get back on track for graduation.  The following information will help you better understand the L.I.F.T Lab program here at Chandler. 




    Students will need to provide their own blank spiral notebook.

    Computers and Supplemental textbooks will be provided.




    All assignments are given a point value.  There are a varying amount of assignments within each course. Mastery is set at 70%.  You must achieve mastery to continue on.  Students must take notes on the different classes.  Notes are worth 15% of your overall grade, In addition to notes students will take a test for each lesson. Tests are worth 50% of your overall grade. Every 5 lessons there will be a Review Test. Review tests are worth 15% as well.  Essays are grouped in the tests categories and averaged accordingly. Not all classes have Essay assignments. The Final Exam is worth 20% and will be proctored individually by an instructor.  This makes up your complete grade in the Lift Lab.




    The L.I.F.T will be moving to the Math building soon and will be now located in room 416.


    Classroom Rules


    Respect others, yourself, and the classroom

    Be on time

    No food or drink in the room

    Follow all school rules/policies

    Come Prepared to work with you notebook and something to write with everyday 


    The L.I.F.T Lab has certain rules/procedures that are followed and enforced.  They are the following:




    NO CD’s/DVD’s

    Changing the desktop settings, downloading, uploading any information, using the Internet inappropriately or using the drives for any reason is a cause for immediate dismissal from the lab.  The computers are to be used for the ALS software program and educational reasons only.




    Attendance is mandatory.  Five absences can be reason for removal.  It is important for the student to attend class because it is a self-paced computer program.  Students are expected to make progress in their course weekly.  Every nine weeks you must complete .50 credits.  If you are not making progress in a particular course the following actions can be taken:


    First Offense:                       Conference with student to discuss the lack of progress.


    Second Offense:                Conference with student, parent, teacher, and administrator.

    A two-week check will be administered with the student to

    evaluate progress made.


    Third Offense:                    Two-weeks from the second offense meeting, a follow up

    will be done with the administrator and the teacher.  If no

    progress was made the student will then be removed from

    the program.  Once the student is removed from the L.I.F.T

    Lab they will be assigned to a study hall and no credit will

    be given.



    Any discipline referral in the lab or on campus at anytime can lead to removal from the L.I.F.T Lab.  The following procedures will result in a referral from the Lab:


    First Offense:                         Student warning

    Second Offense:                   Parent phone call and referral

    Third Offense:                        Conference with administrator and teacher; possible removal from
                                                       the lab.