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Position: Biology and BIO 160 (Human Biology Dual Credit)
Room: 505
Phone: (480)812-7831
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Welcome to Ms. Andrews' Page!!

My Education and Professional Background

Coach Andrews obtained her degree in Kinesiology from ASU in 2007. In 2009 she completed her student teaching at Chandler High School and obtained her teaching certificate, and currently completed a Masters Degree in Sports Management and Administration. Presently, Coach Andrews has teaching here at Chandler High School since 2009!!

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that if I am passionate and knowledgeable, in conjunction with understanding, support and reliability, I can construct a fun and effective and learning environment for my students. I can aid in the maturation of the students from children to young adults and assist in their development academically, socially and economically. Along with the academic standards set forth by the Board of Education, I will integrate collective and individual learning with critical thinking in the curriculum. Most importantly, to ensure that my students are getting the proper education they require, continuous professional development will be mandatory in to provide the necessary tools to help them succeed.

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