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Position: Geometry/10, College Algebra/12
Room: 402
Phone: 480-812-7802
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Welcome to math! I couldn’t be more excited to learn and grow with you all. I will be her to support you in your mathematical journey this year.

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelor in Mathematics.

My Educational Philosophy

Not only is it important for the teacher to have great organization skills, it is important for students to also practice forms of organization. I want to motivate my students to grow to their full potential while students should also be intrinsically motivated through the lessons, activities and assignments that are given. This leads me to a vital component of any mathematics class. In order to understand a mathematical concept, practice problems must be completed. Practice doesn't make perfect but it does lead to an understanding in the world of mathematics. As the teacher however, I want to be there to support students along their educational journey; to help students understand the work they are completing and assist them where needed.

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