The Wolf Howl is the Chandler High School student-created and student-run newspaper/magazine publication. Traditionally, there are three newspapers and two magazines with 1,000 copies delivered throughout campus. We are excited to announce that this year, the publication will be published and distributed digitally! The Wolf Howl covers school, city, state and national issues with a focus on news, features, and sports that are important to Chandler High students. 

    Welcome back! (September/Newspaper) 
    Winter Issue (December/Newspaper)
    Arts Issue (February, Magazine)
    Spring Issue (April, Newspaper)
    Senior Issue (May, Magazine)
    Follow us on Twitter: @CHSWolfHowl
    Visit our online newspaper at http://chswolfhowl.com/

    **The website is currently under construction/new management as of July 2020. Please check back in late September for a refreshed view! 

    For more information please contact Brandi Rasmussen at (480) 812-7776 or rasmussen.brandi@cusd80.com