Welcome to the Chandler High         Science Department
    Mission Statement:
    Our goal is to provide courses and experiences that foster scientific literacy and empirical inquiry through investigations and data analysis that allow students to discover and solve scientifically real world problems that will impact their future.
    The Science Department offers a wide range of classes that fit learning needs of all students. For more detailed descriptions of the classes below, consult the student course catalog
    Course Sequence for Graduation:
    • Three (3) credits of Science are required for graduation.
    • Three (3) credits of lab science are required for university admission.
    • Each science course is equivalent of one (1) full credit.
    Courses Offered:
    Biological Sciences                                              Physical Sciences
      Biology                                                                                         Investigative Science
      Honors Biology                                                                              Chemistry 
      AP Biology                                                                                     Honors Chemistry 
      IB Biology I                                                                                  AP Chemistry (Dual Credit with CGCC)
      IB Biology II                                                                                 IB Chemistry I
      Environmental Systems                                                                   IB Chemistry II
      AP Environmental Science (Dual Credit with CGCC)                         Physics
      IB Environmental Systems & Societies                                            AP Physics I (Dual Credit with CGCC)
      Human Anatomy (Dual Credit with CGCC)                                        AP Physics C
                                                                                                            IB Physics (Dual Credit with CGCC)
    Need extra help in science? 
    Teachers are available after school on Tues and Thurs every week in their classrooms from 2:30 - 3:30. See your science teacher for more information.
    Science Competitions:
    CHISEF        February 6, 2016        Chandler High School
    HISEF        February 27, 2016        Hamilton High School (District Fair)
    AZSEF          April 7-9, 2016             Phoenix, AZ            (http://azsef.org/ )  
    ISEF             May 14-19, 2017           Los Angeles, CA       (http://www.societyforscience.org/isef/)