• CHS Freshman, JV, and Varsity Girls Tennis

    Coach: Abran Olivas

    Email: Olivas.Abran@cusd80.com


    CHS Lady Wolves Tennis Team Rules


    1. Respect is a MUST.  Respect the coaching staff, your teammates, the court/equipment, your opponents, and most importantly, yourself, at ALL times.
    2. Academic success and progress is FIRST AND FOREMOST.  No one who is NOT passing ALL of their classes will be allowed to compete.
    3. Absolutely NO drug, alcohol or tobacco use will be permitted or tolerated by students, coaching staff, or spectators.
    4. Come to practice on time, dressed appropriately, properly hydrated, and with plenty of water and snack (if desired).
    5. Have FUN and be the BEST TEAMMATE AND PERSON you can possibly be!