• Welcome to the Social Studies Department at Chandler High!
    The Chandler High School Social Studies Department Mission Statement

    It is the Chandler High School Social Studies Department goal to provide a learning environment that promotes the acceptance of others and the building of better citizens, provide a safe learning atmosphere that promotes the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners. 

    Social Studies Department Teachers 2023-24:  
    Kelsey Brown                                                   IB American Arizona History/U.S. History/IB Personal and Professional Skills
    Mark Browning                                                  U.S. Government
    Manny Cartagena(Dept Chair)                         Honors World History(Dual Enrollment)/IB History/IB Exercise Sports Health Science
    Rick Garretson                                                 U.S. History
    Gloria Garza-Wells                                            World History/U.S. History Mexican American Experience 
    David Gonzales                                                U.S. History/Economics 
    Jackson Roberts                                              AP U.S. Government/IB MYP U.S. Government/U.S. History  
    Ernie Keith                                                        U.S. History
    Courtney Kemp                                                IB/AP Psychology(Dual Enrollment)/ IB Career Program Coordinator
    Justin Lorgan                                                   AP U.S. History/U.S. History
    Erin Richards                                                       U.S. History
    Kerriann Morgan                                              Psychology/U.S. History
    Walter Murray                                                  Economics
    Lori Redman                                                    World History/U.S. History 
    Trevor Hammond                                              U.S. History/U.S. Government/IB Global Politics 
    Eric Richardson                                                World History
    Robert Robson                                                 U.S. Government
    Lisa Schwalger                                                 IB/AP Economics/IB MYP Economics/Economics 
    Josie Teegarden                                               World History/Honors World History
    Veronica Tess                                                   U.S. History/World History
    Russ Tribby                                                      U.S. History/AP U.S. History(Dual Enrollment)/U.S. History: African American Experience
    Patricia Bodroghy                                             Honors World History
    Madelyn Jett                                                      World History/Honors World History/Sociology