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Welcome to the Social Studies Department at Chandler High!
The Chandler High School Social Studies Department Mission Statement

It is the Chandler High School Social Studies Department goal to provide a learning environment that promotes the acceptance of others and the building of better citizens, provide a safe learning atmosphere that promotes the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners. 

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Social Studies Department Teachers:  
Kelsey Brown                                                   Honors World/World History
Manny Cartagena                                            Honors World/World History/U.S. Government
Kerry Croswhite                                               U.S. History
Carol Gould (Dept. Chair)                              AP Comp Government/ U.S. History                           
Judy Horgash                                                   Economics
Renee Howell                                                    AP U.S. History/IB/AP U.S. Government
Ernie Keith                                                        IB U.S. History/ U.S. History
Courtney Kemp                                                IB/AP Psychology/ U.S. Government  
Brianna Logan                                                  World History/U.S. History
Justin Lorgan                                                    AP U.S. History/U.S. History
Walter Murray                                                  Economics/U.S. Government
Carla Relano                                                      AP Human Geography/ U.S. History
Eric Richardson                                                World History
Robert Robson                                                   World History/U.S. History
Jay Schnittger                                                     Honors World/World History
Lisa Schwalger                                                   IB/AP Economics/ World History
Darla Tate                                                           U.S History/ Psychology
Diana Weaver                                                     World History/Honors World History