• ELD Classroom News

    Well, kids . . . this is your last ELD stop on the way to passing AZELLA and being enrolled fulltime in "regular" classes. Everything we do - every assignment, every game, every conversation, EVERYTHING - will be designed to help you test PROFICIENT on AZELLA.

    The biggest favor you can do yourself is to BE HERE every single day. Don't let appointments, or babysitting, or laziness, or fear, or any other thing get in your way. BE HERE! We'll have fun. We'll laugh. We'll learn about each other. We'll care about each other. Yeah, we might even get a little irritated with each other, since we'll spend so much time together . . . but it's going to be GREAT. And if you'll do YOUR part, I promise to do MY part, and I can almost guarantee that you'll test out of here by the end of the year.

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  • English 9 Classroom News

    Let me tell you, this year is going to FLY by  . . . because we have so much to do! It's English, so you shouldn't be surprised that we'll be doing a lot of READING and WRITING. The reading will always be a jumping off point for our writing, so you'll need to pay close attention. Although I hope it will be pleasurable and that you will enjoy reading, that's not all it's for in my class.

    Reading should make you THINK, so I'm going to ask  you to think, analyze, and share your thoughts with me in your writing. Although it will feel a little like torture to some of you (ha!), there is method to  my madness. I want you to be ready for AZMerit and, much more inmportantly, ready for the big ol' world out there. Sadly, there are very few jobs that will ask you to read a book and simply enjoy it. (If there IS a job like that, sign me up!) Most jobs, even if they don't require a lot of reading or writing, will require you to think, to analyze, organize, and to make decisions or conclusions, so we're practicing now.

    Here's what we'll be DOING:
    1ST QUARTER                                               
    Various short stories and articles                    
    The Odyssey                
    Writing introductions                                         
    Writing body paragraphs
    Writing conclusions                                    
    Learning our new RUBRIC                                                                     
    2ND QUARTER                                                
    3RD QUARTER                                                
    To Kill a Mockingbird                      
    4TH QUARTER                                               
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