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Position: Spanish
Room: 1202
Phone: (480) 812-7925
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I have spent my entire professional career as a CHS Wolf. I am passionate about working with students and families to help them work through rigorous academic choices. I believe that learning for learning's sake is the key to success. I work hard to motivate students to work to their full potential and to take advantage of the amazing opportunity that are available to them here at CHS.

My Education and Professional Background

I started at Chandler High in 1995. I taught Spanish here until 2013 before taking over the position of IB Coordinator. I have my B.A. in Spanish and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and my M.Ed. in Counseling from NAU.

My Educational Philosophy

In order for students to have as many doors as possible open to them after high school they need to utilize resources that are available to them. Numbers matter (i.e. GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores), but they do not tell the whole story. A student must be keenly aware of his or her own path of growth as a learner and as a person throughout high school. It is very important that students develop relationships with their teachers that can take them from just learning the course material to truly interacting with the material and making connections.

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