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Position: Honors Geometry
Room: 406
Phone: 480-812-7806
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Hello, my name is Brian Eldredge and I am a native of Arizona. Although I left Phoenix at 16, my journey of a military tour (USMC) and living in three states (California, Colorado, and Hawaii) has brought me home to be near my family. This will be my 16th year in education as a math teacher and it will be my most challenging. In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking and playing my guitar. Let’s make this a year of moving education in a new direction to meet the needs of the next generation.

My Education and Professional Background

Education - California State University Long Beach - BA

My Educational Philosophy

Never underestimate your potential to discover a solution. Creativity, ingenuity, imagination, and perseverance are integral to the learning process. Remember, strength and growth come through continuous effort and struggle.

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