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    What is the difference between AP & IB?


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    International Baccalaureate Program (IB)

    The IB Program has four different components, three of which are a part of Chandler High School.  

    The general objectives of the IB Program are to 
    • provide students with a balanced education;
    • to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility;
    • and to promote international understanding through a shared academic experience.

    Check out this flyer for general information about the Middle Years Program, the Diploma Program and the Career-Related Certificate.

    In the thirty years since its founding, the IB Diploma has become a symbol of academic integrity and intellectual promise. The student who satisfies its demands demonstrates a strong commitment to learning, both in terms of the mastery of subject content and in the development of the skills and discipline necessary for success in a competitive world. Universities and colleges are well served by encouraging the enrollment of these able young scholars. The IB Diploma graduate is awarded this internationally recognized Diploma in addition to the Chandler High School Diploma awarded by the Chandler Unified School District.
    Our 2020-2023 IB Graduates are attending the following colleges and universities:
    ASU - Barrett, The Honors College
    Azusa Pacific University
    Bowling Green State University
    Claremont McKenna College
    Colorado State
    Florida State University
    Hamline University
    Iowa State
    Johns Hopkins
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Mesa Community College
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Oberlin College
    Occidental College
    Scripps College
    UC-Santa Cruz
    UC-San Diego
    UNC-Chapel Hill
    University of Utah
    U of A
    U of A - The Honors College
    Other universities where Chandler IB graduates have attended
    Notre Dame
    Carnegie Mellon                                                           
    Naval Academy                       
    Air Force Academy                
    West Point                              
    University of Philadelphia Pharmaceutical Program   
    New York University
    California Institute of Technology
    University of Texas        
    William and Mary University                      
    University of Washington
    How do Universities recognize the IB Diploma?
    Every college is different.  Check with an admissions representative to find out what credits can be awarded for IB scores.
    Many college grant sophomore standing and scholarship opportunities to IB Diploma graduates.
    Here is a list of US colleges and how they recognize IB. 
    Here is a list of some colleges that generously recognize the IB Diploma.
    Grand Canyon University offers a very generous scholarship to IB Diploma graduates! 
    The Univeristy of Arizona offers a $5000 scholarship for IB Diploma graduates.