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Subject / Grade Algebra 1/ 9th and College Algebra/ 12th
Room: 423
Phone: (480)-812-7823
Email: Schroder
"All is flux, nothing stays still."
-- Heraclitus

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Welcome to your math studies at Chandler High School! Let's make it a great year to discover the language of mathematics together.

My Education and Professional Background

I completed a BAE in Secondary Education (Mathematics) from Arizona State University in 2017.

My Educational Philosophy

My vision as a teacher is to accept my students as they are, impart on them a love for mathematics and themselves, and further their education in a manner so that significant connections to the real world are made. Dewey's philosophy founded a need of an education system based on continuity and interaction; past and present experiences are completely intertwined. At its prime, students should walk into this classroom feeling compelled to learn, without an ego in the way, but with the freedom to express their ideas and questions as they please. I hope to do this by instilling a positive mindset throughout the year that allows students to be engaged at the center of their own learning.

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