• About Mrs. Stormy Rodriguez Haffey...

    Position: English Teacher

    Team/Department: English

    Room: 1102-K Building

    Phone: 480-812-7922

    Email: Mrs. Stormy Rodriguez Haffey

    Mrs. Stormy Rodriguez Haffey

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    My name is Stormy Rodriguez Haffey. I've worked in CUSD since 2008, and I have been a teacher in CUSD since 2019. I am married and have two children. I love reading, watching television and movies, and love all things Disney! I'm excited to get to know all my students and have a fantastic year!

    My Education and Professional Background

    I am a proud product of the Chandler Unified School District, I attended Chandler schools from K- 12th grade and now I'm fortunate enough to work for them! I received my Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a focus in English Language Arts from Arizona State University, and I am also certified to teach Social Sciences (Social Studies).

    My Educational Philosophy

    I have always loved reading and writing and am excited to help students develop their passion for reading and writing. I know that not every student loves to read or write, but I aim to help each student find something they enjoy in both. I am a firm believer that no one is perfect, myself included, but we can all make progress. High school is a challenging time because students are exposed to more challenging curriculum as well as a new school and new procedures. I believe in teaching to the whole student, so in my classroom, I don't want improvement just in a student's academic skills, but also in their social, personal, and technology skills. I want to help them develop into critical thinkers who question the world around them and try to make it better, with skills that students will need in every class, in college, in their career, and every day of their life.

    The Choice is Yours! Why Choose Chandler High?

    Chandler High is THE best high school! Not only are Chandler High academics impressive, but we also have phenomenal sports teams, award winning music programs, as well as fantastic clubs who receive a lot of accolades. We are also the most diverse high school in Arizona. Chandler High focuses on the whole student and our end goal is to help shape students into critical and global thinkers who go out into the world and do their best in our ever-changing world. Chandler High is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people who truly care about every single student.