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The mission of the Chandler High School AFJROTC program is to "Develop citizens of character, dedicated to serving their nation and community." Visit the Corps website here. It is a high school program offered at 864 high schools worldwide that prepares young Americans to become better citizens. Our cadets learn the type of discipline, leadership, and social graces that allow them to acquire a finely-tuned body and mind. They are taught valuable time and stress management skills as well as note taking and study/test taking techniques. Completing the AFJROTC program is no easy task; but, for those who have the drive to succeed, AFJROTC is the gateway to building a successful career through diligent preparation that must start as a high school freshman.
Cadets are held to higher standards of conduct and integrity; these standards are spelled out in their Cadet Guide and their Chandler High School Student Handbook.  They alone are responsible for their level of personal and professional conduct and development; a level ultimately determined by the strength of their personal commitment.  Cadets quickly realize that this is not just another program or just another course---it's a way of life.  Cadets are taught to make the impossible inevitable---to defy the limits of physical and mental endurance; it's all about their attitude.
Academics is our #1 priority.  Air Force Junior ROTC offers every cadet an educational environment fostering academic achievement, health and wellness, character and leadership development, life skills, community service, and patriotism. These days, a college education comes at a high price. Many students are stuck working their way through college, or taking out loans they'll spend the next 10 years of their lives paying back. Competition for college scholarships starts with the freshman year of high school. Air Force Junior ROTC offers an opportunity to compete for one of the most generous college scholarship programs available. AFJROTC also enables students who desire to get a head start on their college credits a great opportunity to do so. All AFJROTC academic courses are eligible for college elective credits when a grade of "B" or higher is earned and the students apply and pay the required fees per credit hour to the college.
We understand that you, as parents, play an important role in guiding your children through life's decisions, offering the benefits of your wisdom and experience. We want these decisions to be informed decisions for both you and your child.  Please take the time to look at the AFJROTC curriculum offered at each grade level of our program. We'll be happy to provide you with the answers you'll need to make an informed decision. Please feel free to call us at number listed below.
Department Chair, Aerospace Science
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Chandler High School
Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) Instructors
Department Chair
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Phone (480) 224-3986
Office hours: 2:15-4:00 
Scott A. Goodson, MSgt, USAF
Commandant of Cadets
Aerospace Science Instructor
Phone (480) 224-3987
Office hours: 2:15-4:00 
Room: N26, North Campus
 FAX (480) 224-3988