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    Position: English 9

    Email: Mrs. Elizabeth Francois

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    Welcome to my teacher page! My name is Elizabeth Francois.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I have a Bachelor's degree in English from Arizona State University and a Master's degree in English with a certificate of professional writing from Northern Arizona University. I've been teaching for over 20 years at various levels, from 6th grade to 12th grade. I've taught everything from honors, AP, IB, special education, and at-level classes. 

    My Educational Philosophy

    Every student in my class should have the opportunity to learn. No student has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, and teaching in the classroom. My goal is to make sure that my classroom is a place to take academic risks and enjoy learning. We will create a safe and comfortable learning environment for us all, recognizing that we all have different needs as people and as learners. By doing this, we will all become better citizens and be better able to change the world.